WOW a new puzzle concept is entering the market!

Due the covid a lot of things changed, also the toy market was affected.

Board games and puzzles became more popular since people are staying more at home.

That was the start of our idea to develop a brand-new puzzle concept that should be contemporary, fun, challenging, and entertaining.

Well, we think that we’ve ticked these criteria, with the REAR VIEW MIRROR puzzle concept!

This REAR VIEW MIRROR puzzles are not just any ordinary puzzles.

They are challenging and have some nice twists and turns.

The modern and funny cartoon, made by Nick van Oosten, has all kinds of crazy traffic situations that you, as a puzzler, see in the rear-view mirror of your vehicle. So, you have to make the puzzle from a mirror image. Left is right and right is left. You can only see a part of the puzzle in your mirror the rest you have to find out yourself. And if you managed to finish the puzzle you are challenged to find some hidden objects.

There will be a 1000 pcs and 500 pcs version puzzles all with the REAR VIEW MIRROR on the box, where you see the funny situation behind you.

Soon available:

“Traffic jam” In different versions like; 1000 pcs puzzle, 500 pcs, 1000 pcs night    

  edition and 500 pcs DIY puzzle.

Other designs to follow:

“Police chase” and “Safari trail”